Download the app of the exhibition and discover the exciting world of Leonardo da Vinci

Obtain important information: opening times, prices, location and everything you need to know about the exhibition.

You will also have free access to the Audioguide on your own mobile.

Users of the latest generation of smartphones have access to one more surprise: in the exhibition they’ll be able to see the machines in Augmented Reality without having to wait.

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Does your mobile phone not allow you to see the AR? Not to worry. In the exhibition you’ll find devices with the feature where needed.


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Would you like to know more about Leonardo?

Together with Snackson, we have designed some micro courses for you to test your knowledge about Leonardo: his inventions, the time in which he lived and his many facets.

You can take part in 2 micro courses: one to get to know Leonardo better and the other to help you recall or complement what you have seen in the exhibition. You can sign up for any of them, although we recommend starting with the initial welcome course:

The smartphone-ready micro courses are fun and dynamic. You will receive content combining texts, videos and questions on a daily basis over the course of a week.


If you belong to a school or institution we can create a specific micro course for you for use by your students. There is no need for you to pass us the student data. We will provide you with some users so they can access the content, thus avoiding the need to manage personal data.

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