The story of Leonardo is in fact an odyssey, the tragedy of a man who became more famous for not completing commissions than for his critical and innovative spirit and that on many occasions had to abandon his ideals in search of a gratitude and recognition that would never arrive.

This is the story I want to tell. I realise that the patina of genius that has settled upon his figure over the centuries is not easy to peel away and yet his image of a mortal man, made of flesh and bone, with successes and mistakes, victories and failures, does not cease to be more attractive and more powerful. A man who lived and survived. A man.

Faces of the genius remains an eternal tribute to the features of Leonardo. And to the traits that converted him into a superior or inferior individual, but undoubtedly a special spirit.
This exhibition will show you that in the universe of Leonardo there is always more than meets the eye.

Welcome to Leonardo da Vinci. Faces of the genius.

Welcome to the world of Leonardo

All know the genius, few know the man

Christian Gálvez

Curated by Christian Gálvez, member of the Leonardo DNA Project and coinciding with the fifth centenary of the Florentine master’s death, Madrid hosts the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci, Faces of the genius, a show whose size requires two host venues: the Palacio de las Alhajas and the Biblioteca Nacional. The show is designed to take visitors on a unique journey through the life and work of the Renaissance polymath, at times encouraging them to observe with their own eyes and others with those of Da Vinci himself.


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Leonardo da Vinci

Los rostros del genio

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Leonardo da Vinci

Los rostros del genio